OPSIS use the passive surround sound technology that project audio to surrounding surfaces to create the theater surround sound like experience. You can enjoy the theater size all around immersive sound anywhere indoor with OPSIS.  

Our technology beam the sound objects to nearby surfaces. The result is that you can hear the moving objects coming from surround surfaces instead of speaker itself. It is like you had multiple speakers in the same room.  

In the bigger room you can connect two or more OPSIS together to enhance the surround sound experience.  There is no limit how many OPSIS you can link together only how loud you want to limit. Since the OPSIS connect use internal Bluetooth signals inside itself. You can connect them together anywhere anytime without WiFi.

How the passive surround sound work on sound projecting technology? This video shows how people react to our technology when we are testing it at different locations. Sign up to our news letter to get informed of demo events near you. 

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