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Does Bluetooth Wireless Audio Reduce Sound Quality?

Bluetooth audio had a history starting from the headset for your mobiles phones.

To understand how Bluetooth wireless audio works first we need to talk about audio codec. In previous blog we had explain the audio compression and how it works for the streaming audio online. If you apply the same concept. It is not hard to understand Bluetooth wireless audio. Traditionally we use a pair of wires to transmit audio to the left and right earphones.

The function of the wires are to transmit the audio signal to the earphones for the speakers to reproduce sound. The material of the wire will affect the quality of the signal arrived at earphones. So the good sound need good wires. In order to replace the wires. We need to turn that audio signal to radio wave. So it can travel through the air. Then it reassembled inside the earphones to reproduce sound. Bluetooth technology is one of the most cost effective way to achieve this. Use the principle of audio data compression to reduce the data size to achieve the fast data transmitting. To be able to do that we need to again compress the audio signal before send out.The popular codec for Bluetooth audio compression are SBC, APTX and LE. You can see the quality difference below.

The different capacity of audio quality restoration depends on the codecs. Let's put this concept to wire's quality. Newer generation Bluetooth codec means better quality wire that can transmit faster and more audio data. This also means the better audio quality and lower latency. Usually from Bluetooth 4.2 APTX HD is claim to be the hi quality and resolution. You can see from above the audio spectrum. It is almost identical to the source audio. That means from Bluetooth 5.0 the audio quality is almost indistinct-able from the source.

OPSIS II use most recent Bluetooth 5.2 technology to make sure the audio lossless audio transmitting. Furthermore, OPSIS II allow you to sync together more than two speakers at low latency. This means you can unlimited the use of the OPSIS II in different configuration fo the best 360 audio experience. The OPSIS II's Bluetooth requires no external connections. Simply turn one of your OPSIS II into a master to allow you connect as many OPSIS II as you want anywhere.

More information about OPSIS II below:

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