Does YouTube Video Support Surround Sound ? YouTube影片真的有環繞聲嗎?

Updated: May 20

Many of you saw surround sound test type video on YouTube. It declares to test your surround sound system. However, you can also see troll commons of people making fun of it and say it doesn't work at all. In fact, if you play it. All you can hear is stereo Left and Right audio only. So why is that ? This created a lot of debates online. People are arguing if YouTube can deliver the surround sound or not? Some people say it works on their system, which we can not confirm. We set up our own test use Chrome and Firefox. Video below is a 10 channels ProTools monitoring session to monitor all possible audio output from YouTube. Please watch the test video below. After the test we can confirm that YouTube surround video only send two channels of analogue audio output.

So they lie?

To better answer this question. We need to take you back to the previous blog. It explains the surround sound format is a codecs that assign audio signals to different speakers. For example: If you have 5 speakers sound system. To make it surround sound each speaker has to know what to play. As you can see from video above YouTube only sending audio to two speakers. This is why all the other speakers don't have sound. The idea of the surround sound codec is to combine 6 audio channels and send to receiver devices. This means the receiver device need to be able decode the original codec in order to restore the signals to speakers correctly. YouTube so far doesn't decode those codecs. Why not? In fact, almost all our personal devices comes with two channels audio output only. The extra decoded audio channels has nowhere to go. This makes no need to add the decode function for the surround sound channels. Here is the help from YouTube if you type in the search. It is confirmed YouTube does not support sound sound playback.

Whats the YouTube support 5.1 , 7.1 surround sound mean?

It means they support surround sound format upload instead playback. when you upload the 5.1 or 7.1 channels audio. They fold the extra channels into left or right channel. YouTube simply take extra audio channels and render them into the left and right channels. This allow users to upload 5.1 or 7.1 audio film and YouTube will automatically convert it to stereo. The YouTube encoder will take all audio channels and rearrange them into stereo so you don't lose the surround sound information.

Alternative Solution to Realistic audio !!

OPSIS II speaker is designed to provide an alternative solution to surround sound playback issues. OPSIS II's internal spatial decoding technology use two channels input audio to recreate 360 degree immersive nature realistic sound. This means you don't need to worry about audio codecs or hardware set ups. OPSIS II will recreate 360 degree realistic audio from all stereo audio inputs. The efficiency of recreated quality is depends only on the artist's original sound recording and production quality. For example: if more audio information and layers been put in for the final mater sound tracks higher the realistic 360 sound details OPSIS II can playback.



所以他們說謊? 為了更好地回答這個問題。我們需要帶您回到上一個博客。它解釋了環繞聲格式是一種將音頻信號分配給不同揚聲器的編解碼器。例如:您有5個揚聲器的音響系統。為了使其具有環繞聲,每個揚聲器都必須知道要播放什麼。如您所見,YouTube僅向兩個揚聲器發送音頻。這就是為什麼其他所有揚聲器都沒有聲音的原因。通過環繞聲編解碼器,可以將6個音頻通道合併並發送到接收器進行解碼。到目前為止,YouTube尚未解碼這些編解碼器。同樣,幾乎我們所有的個人設備都僅帶有兩個聲道的音頻輸出。這不需要解碼環繞聲聲道。在大多數情況下,多餘的解碼音頻通道無處可去。如果您輸入搜索內容,這是YouTube的幫助。確認YouTube不支持聲音播放。 那麼YouTube支持5.1和7.1環繞聲意味著什麼? 這意味著您上傳5.1或7.1聲道音頻。它們支持環繞聲格式上傳而不是回放。 YouTube只需佔用額外的音頻通道,然後將它們渲染到左右聲道即可。這意味著您可以上傳5.1或7.1音頻電影,YouTube會自動將其轉換為立體聲。 YouTube編碼器將獲取所有音頻通道,並將它們重新排列為立體聲,這樣您就不會丟失環繞聲信息。

逼真音頻的替代解決方案! OPSIS II揚聲器旨在為環繞聲播放問題提供替代解決方案。 OPSIS II的內部空間解碼技術使用兩個通道的輸入音頻來再現360度沉浸式自然逼真的聲音。 這意味著您無需擔心音頻編解碼器或硬件設置。 OPSIS II將從所有立體聲音頻輸入中重新創建360度逼真的音頻。 再現質量的效率僅取決於藝術家的原始錄音和製作質量。 例如:如果為最終的母音軌添加了更多的音頻信息和層,則OPSIS II可以播放逼真的360聲音細節。



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