Home Theater Speakers, am I getting the full surround sound? 購買了家庭音響,我就能聽到完整的360°環繞聲音場嗎?

Nowadays, more and more people love watching movie at home, lots of media-service providers are more and more popular now, like Netflix, Iqiyi. And more and more people are looking for surround sound setting at home. But if you buy surround sound speakers, is it means you are getting the full sound?

The answer is no. You are not getting the full sound if you don't know how to connect and set up your devices properly. Here are short definitions of those terms.

What is 5.1 / 7.2?

7.2 means 7 speakers, point 2 means 2 sub-woofers. Usually you will see 5.1, 7.2 which means 3 channels of the audio speakers Left center Right and 2 channels of the speakers Left and right on the back plus 1 sub low bass channel. With Atmos you will have the extra ceiling channels that gives you the extra sound from high above.

What is Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Toslink, SPDIF, ARC, HDCP?

Dolby Atmos and DTS X are the audio surround sound format which is the codecs that tells the audio which channel of the speaker should go to. The Dolby audio encoding format will assign all 6 audio channels to belonged speakers so it knows where the audio should be play back.

You can also choose to connect Toslink or SPDIF. Both cable transmit the audio data through optical cable. However, both don't support either Dolby Atmos nor DTS X.

ARC means Audio return channel. This allows audio signal to go both directions in stereo. You will see this on HDMI connector. For this you need to know High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2. This is the format for 4K video with surround audio. But some sound bar doesn't support the HDCP 2.2. This means even you had a 4K blue-ray player you can only play back 1080P video and stereo audio. Then you will need to connect your blue-ray player directly to your TV that support HDCP 2.2 and then use another HDMI cable for the audio. So if you want to be sure, your best bet is to use two HDMI cable, one for 4K TV and one for the audio. If your blue-ray player don't have two HDMI output then you can buy the spliter to accomplish this task.

Better Alternative Choice - OPSIS

So yes you will need to set up the surround sound speakers accordingly, and normally you need more than four speakers to get full surround sound experience. Or you can choose OPSIS. OPSIS gives you 360 surround sound from the simple bluetooth or line-in connection from any audio format.

You can see more information here:


什麼是ARC,HDCP,Toslink,SPDIF,杜比全景聲(Dolby Atmos),DTS X?

什麼是5.1 7.2?


現在越來越多人喜歡在家裏看電影,許多綫上影片服務商越來越受歡迎,比如Netflix(網飛),Iqiyi愛奇藝等等,也越來越多人想要擁有家庭私人影院的設備,但購買了環繞聲音響設備,就能擁有完整音場的環繞聲效果了嗎? 答案是不能。如果您不知道如何正確連接和設置設備,則無法獲得完整的聲音音場。


什麽是5.1 / 7.2?


什麽是杜比全景聲、DTS X, Toslink, SPDI, ARC?

杜比全景聲(Dolby Atmos)和DTS X是音頻環繞聲格式,這是一種編碼解碼器,用來告訴音頻揚聲器應轉到哪個聲道。杜比音頻編碼格式會將所有6個音頻通道分配給所屬的揚聲器,因此它知道應在哪裡播放音頻。 您也可以選擇連接Toslink或SPDIF。兩條電纜都通過光纜傳輸音頻數據。但是,兩者都不支持Dolby Atmos或DTSX。 ARC表示音頻返回通道。這允許音頻信號在立體聲中雙向傳播。您將在HDMI接口上看到此信息。為此,您需要了解高帶寬數字內容保護(HDCP)2.2。這是帶有環繞聲的4K視頻的格式。但是某些條形音箱不支持HDCP 2.2。這意味著即使您擁有4K藍光播放器,您也只能播放1080P視頻和立體聲音頻。為此,您需要將藍光播放器直接連接到支持HDCP 2.2的電視,然後使用另一條HDMI電纜連接音頻。如果您想確定的話,最好的選擇是使用兩根HDMI電纜,一根用於4K電視,另一根用於音頻。如果您的藍光播放器沒有兩個HDMI輸出,那麼您可以購買分離器來完成此任務。

更好的替代產品 - OPSIS

所以對的如果您購買了家庭音響您需要知道正確的安裝方法,而且通常需要四台以上的音響來獲得完整360度環繞聲效果。所以我們開發了OPSIS這個產品,OPSIS 只需通過簡單的藍牙鏈接或任何音頻格式的線路連接就可以為您帶來360°環繞聲體驗。



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