How ASMR and 8D Audio works? 「顱內高潮」和8D音頻究竟是什麽?

We know 3D and 360 audio, but 8D audio?

To understand how it works. First, we have to explain what is binaural.

Binaural is a recording technique to capture stereo audio that is simulate the sound waves exactly as your ears hear. The picture below explained what that means.

In the picture is the microphone popularly used to create binaural recording. The ear shape cover redirect the sound wave before it reaches the microphone inside. It works exactly like our ears. This creepy looking head below was used for the Beck's concert on 2013 to capture the sound for their 360 cameras.

Now you are ready for the ASMR.

The name stand for Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). By looking at this picture below you probably already know what it is and how it works. The performer record sound use binaural microphone to simulate the intimate activities with your ears.

You can understand more by checking famous YouTuber Rapunzel ASMR video:

However, for some people this idea maybe not so new. In fact many band experiment this idea back on 80s, and published their binaural songs.

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut:

Pink Floyd (Alternate Album) - The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking:

So what is 8D audio?

Recent years things has changed thanks to digital audio workstations. The remix getting more and more popular. Many music producers and sound engineers started to remix and produce immersive 360 audio for the headphones. However, instead of record and mix the binaural sound into the music. The new approach is to use binaural simulation software to manipulate the original stereo recording. By panning the sound in 360 degree to create binaural effect like the singer is singing from different directions to your ears. For this reason we think it is fair to define the "D" from 8D as "direction".

Check out some 8D music here:

Lana del Rey - Young And Beautiful (8D AUDIO)

Billie Eilish - i love u | 8D AUDIO (With rain)


You can see many ASMR and 8D music stated headphones only. This means you can not listen to the effect with speakers, even home theater speakers. But due to OPSIS II's special acoustic spatial processor that allow you to enjoy 8D/9D/16D music. Use two OPSIS II to playback the front and rear surround will get you the same experience you heard from your headphones.

Check out one of our testimonials here:





現在來瞭解一下ASMR 「顱內高潮」吧


當然ASMR這種方式其實很久之前就有人使用過,許多樂隊都在80年代嘗試了這個想法,最著名的是Pink Floyd, 他們早期的專輯有很多雙耳錄製的歌曲:

Pink Floyd - The Final Cut:

Pink Floyd (Alternate Album) - The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking:





Lana del Rey - Young And Beautiful (8D AUDIO)

Billie Eilish - i love u | 8D AUDIO (With rain)


我們會看到很多ASMR ,8D音樂上面都寫著只能用耳機,這是因爲的確這些效果不能在揚聲器聽得到,就算家庭影院設備也不能。但是,由於OPSIS II的特殊空間處理器,您不僅可以聽到8D的音樂,而且9D、16D都可以,通過使用兩台OPSIS II達到全空間環繞聲效果,帶來跟頭戴式耳機一樣的環繞效果,而且可以在空間享受得到。



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