Since we only have two ears why multi channels audio?

Human ears hear 360 degree sound naturally since we born. Researchers spend years study how our ears listen to the sound. The stereo and mono audio are not nature if you put them in the perspective of nature sound.

To understand the evolution of speaker technology. We first need to know how artist working on a movie or music. The composition is a form of reconstruct layers of small sound clips. Either from virtual instruments or from recorded sound. The production process is the process of rearranging those elements. To recreate immersive experience for the audiences. For this reason to recreate the nature experience is the goal of most artists. However, single speaker has a lot limitations to simulate natural sound . So the multi speaker system was born. The idea is simple. Use speakers as sound sources to recreate realist soundscape. More speakers means more details and more realistic to mimic nature soundscape. Place them on the desired locations around listeners is the key to successfully.