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Sweet spot for deep listening!!

This is the part two of previous blog . Most of you know there is a sweet spot to hear the best sound from your speaker system. Below are some examples of sweet spot for different sound system setups. First, the stereo two speakers system:

For 5.1 surround sound speakers see here:

Even more speakers? No problem. Here is how you divide positions of them. You get the idea.

Why they arranged this way ?

We mentioned how artists, engineers and producer recreate the sound stage in film and music to tell stories. In order to hear that result at any home or theater. We need a standard to arrange the speakers. There are many arrangements experimented throughout years begin from 1940's by Disney.

This film featured a Bumblebee flying in the theater. To achieve this sound effect Disney placed speakers around audiences. Meanwhile in music, The Beatles was the first to use stereo recording to produce music. After years of speaker arrangement experiencements. Two arrangements stereo and 5.1 survived and became the popular standard.

What is STEREO audio?

Do you ever wondering why we hear the singer in the center when the speakers are actually placed at left and right. The voice you heard is created by our brain after hear two identical sound from both speakers at exactly the same time. We call this effect psychoacoustic or phantom center.

This allow two speakers to create three sound sources left, right and center. This is the main reason stereo recording is the most popular and standard audio format. But what if you are moving around and not in the sweet spot? When you are not in the sweet spot the soundwaves from the left and right speakers will not arrive to your ear at same time and same loudness. Therefor, the center voice will shift to the louder side of location your ears hear. This also applies to surround sound speaker arrangement.

OPSIS II carefully arrange two speakers close together to give you the MAX sweet zone in the room. When you place OPSIS II at the right location in your room as shown below.


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