What is speaker amplifier class and Tube? 什麼是揚聲器放大器類和真空管?

Updated: May 20

Before the sound comes out from the speakers. It just bunch of numbers and electric current pulse. To drive the speakers we need to amplify that signal. Different size of the speaker has different need of amplification. We call that power "Watt" There are different class of amplification developed over the years. You can see below show the different approaches. Each has its pros and cons. Most popular ones are Class AB and Class D. See the list below for the details:

Efficiency is most important for the amplifier. Its calculated by power consumption compare to the output sound power. Class D is the best amount all. You can see all class amplifier efficiency listed below.

Recent years the advanced Class D amplifier makes it a popular choice over others. There is one more type of the amplifier that is also popular in audiophile world.

Why Old Tube Amplifier?

Tube Amplifier is an old design use vacuum tube to amplifier the sound. Modern days we don't really need it any more because its low efficiency. However, many audiophile still buying and making them because of euphoric distortions they add to the music. Many people referred this harmony distortion as warmth that makes the music sound better. Today it is popular to use tube in the pre amps to add euphoric sound. Below is the analysis of the output signal from tube amp you can see the rich harmony it add to the original sound.

OPSIS II used latest Class D amplifier that has >90% efficiency and less then 1% distortion at high volume to make sure the reproduced audio quality. This also ensure the lowest battery power consumption.



效率對於放大器而言至關重要。通過功耗計算得出的功率與輸出聲功率進行比較, D類是最好的。您可以看到下面列出的所有類放大器效率:




OPSIS II使用了最新的D類放大器,而且該放大器具有> 90%的效率,大音量時失真率不到1%,以確保再現的音頻質量,這也確保了最低的電池功耗。



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