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Depending on the scale of your project, you might not need a full-on architectural commission, which involves extensive meetings, multiple job-site visits, and several sets of construction drawings, to the tune of about 8 percent of a project's construction budget. You might be : able to tap an architect's design savvy by having him undertake a one-time design consultation. , Franklin bought the home in 2016 and has been talking it up in interviews promoting his new Netflix show, Fuller House, which debuted the same year. Pro Remodeling has chosen to remain open during our normal business hours during the current COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of our customers. Pro Remodeling is following the Executive Order issued by Governor Doug Ducey on March 23, 2020 EO-2020-12, listing essential services that should remain open: Critical trades, including contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.cabinet renovation near meWith the exceptions of some manufacturer product line images, all images are of actual jobs completed by Deems Kitchens Counters and are subject to copyright law. Our images may not be reused on other websites without , our express written permission. Our professional designers utilize state-of-the-art KCD software to build a 3D model , how you can use Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Spray to transform your countertop. For just under the budget of $7, the Youtuber transforms her yellow and ugly countertop into a white and shiny, stunning countertop. Painting the countertop is actually pretty easy. A painted bathroom sink was a bit more tricky, but still not terrible. The Rustoleum box recommends using a 4 inch roller with foam cover and a very fine bristled brush for the edges. First, I used the fine bristled brush to cut in around the edges of the counter. I actually did the entire first coat with a brush instead of a roller. I found it much easier to get a nice thin coat on with a brush. """""""


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