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Return Policy

The Consumer Protection Law stipulates that there is a hesitation period of seven days from the arrival of goods. The hesitation period is not a trial period, the returned goods must be returned to the original state (please return to the original state when the goods arrived), do not miss any accessories or damage the original box, if you need to incur new expenses and other necessary expenses, it will be your responsibility Affordable and unrestricted unconditional returns.

Return service
Within 7 natural days after the customer receives the goods, the product has no manufacturing defects, the product packaging, accessories, gifts, and instructions are complete, and there is no artificial damage, unused, and does not affect the secondary sales, you can apply for a return. To request a return, please contact our customer service team at within 7 days after receiving the item. Items must be sent within 3 days after confirmation of the return application.
The return shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer. We will not be responsible for any damaged or missing items in the return. We can’t refund without actually receiving the item or proof of purchase.
We have the right to refuse the customer's return request in the following situations:
*If the return request is made more than 7 natural days after the receipt date;
* The returned products are incomplete, and the outer packaging, accessories, gifts, instructions are incomplete, or the appearance is damaged due to artificial reasons;
* Cannot provide legal purchase vouchers or documents (Gee sponsor number) when returning goods, or forge or alter the documents;
* Commercial quality problems caused by collisions, burnouts caused by non-product quality problems, as well as artificial private modifications, foreign matter (water, oil, sand, etc.), incorrect installation, and failure to use and operate in accordance with the instructions;
* Tear, alter label, machine serial number, waterproof mark, anti-counterfeit mark, etc.;
* Products damaged by force majeure due to inevitable factors such as fire, flood, lightning strike, traffic accidents, etc.;
* After contacting Preter Audio to confirm the return service, no items were sent within 3 days.
* Other circumstances described in the policy.

Warranty Policy

All our products come with a 1 year standard warranty. This policy does not cover damage or loss: caused by accident (including force majeure or natural forces), misuse, abuse, neglect, product modification; occurring during shipment ; caused by failure to follow instructions in the owner’s guide, including failure to perform recommended periodic or routine maintenance; resulting from repairs by someone Preter Audio did not authorize; (for products not specified by Preter Audio for commercial or industrial use) caused by any commercial or industrial use; to the decorative surface of this product; to any data, software or information; caused by using this product for other than its intended purpose; or covered under any of your (or your installer’s) insurance policy or coverage. The following are also excluded from this warranty: claims based upon any misrepresentations by the seller; if this product’s serial number has been altered, defaced or removed; deterioration of component parts, the nature of which is to become worn or depleted with use, including batteries and pads/foam pads; any accessory to this product, even if supplied by Preter Audio; any installation, removal or reinstallation; any set-up calibration or adjustment; any performance variations due to installation related circumstances, such as program source quality or AC power fluctuations.


Please email your inquiry with purchase receipt to if you would like to arrange a  warranty claim. 

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